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What are the factors that affect the performance of the Bluetooth module?

What are the factors that affect the performance of the Bluetooth module:

The Bluetooth module is a PCBA board with integrated Bluetooth function for short-circuit wireless communication. It is divided into a mobile phone Bluetooth data information control module and a mobile phone Bluetooth video and voice control module according to its function. At this stage, there are many different specifications and types of Bluetooth modules available on the sales market.

① Power mobile phone Bluetooth is divided into traditional mobile phone Bluetooth and low energy mobile phone Bluetooth. Smart products that use traditional Bluetooth modules are frequently disconnected and must carry out frequent and repeated matching. The rechargeable battery will quickly run out, and low energy Bluetooth modules are used. Smart products only need a button battery to operate for a long time. Therefore, if it is a wireless network smart product that uses a rechargeable battery power supply system, you can choose to use Bluetooth 5.0/4.2/4.0 low energy Bluetooth module to ensure the product's battery life.

②Integrated ic

A Bluetooth module, integrated ic occupies its key part, the integrated ic determines the and computing capabilities of the Bluetooth module. Without a powerful "core", the characteristics of the Bluetooth module cannot be guaranteed. If you are choosing a low-energy Bluetooth module, the better integrated ICs include Nordic, Ti, etc.

③Transmission distance

Customers must know what their products are used in natural environments, how large are the regulations on wireless data transmission distances, and whether there is a strong influence on them, etc. For wireless products such as wireless mice, wireless Bluetooth headsets, and controllers that do not have high requirements for wireless data transmission distances, you can select Bluetooth modules with a transmission distance of more than 10 meters, such as the low-cost Bluetooth module MS47SF1; for wireless data transmission distances Products with higher requirements can be selected with a transmission distance of more than 50 meters, such as the MS50SFA Bluetooth module.

④Wireless antenna

Different products have different regulations for wireless antennas. At this stage, the more common wireless antennas for Bluetooth modules include PCB wireless antennas, porcelain wireless antennas and IPEX external wireless antennas. If they are placed inside a trench with metal materials, generally choose an IPEX external antenna. Bluetooth module with wireless antenna. The MS50SFB of Yunliwuli High-tech Technology has developed and designed these three wireless antennas, which can be selected at will, and customers can choose a more suitable socket according to the commodity status.

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