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Bluetooth Module Solution-Application Fields of Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology is a short-range wireless communication technology that locates by measuring the strength of the signal. Bluetooth supports mutual communication between portable computers, mobile phones, and other mobile devices, and transmits data and voice. The Bluetooth transmission range in the current market is about 10M. The rate is 1MB/S. After the new standard comes out, the maximum transmission range can reach 10Mb/s. Bluetooth technology is a short-distance wireless connection technology used to replace cables or connections used on portable or fixed electronic devices.

Using Bluetooth technology, it can effectively connect mobile phones, laptops, palmtops, and various digital information equipment, thereby getting rid of commonly used wired cables; at the same time, it forms a personal network around the person, making all kinds of information around them All mobile portable devices can seamlessly realize resource sharing. Because of its openness, Bluetooth technology is currently only a specification and has not yet become an industry standard. There are still some problems in the intercommunication between devices of different brands and models. However, Bluetooth technology itself has many advantages: the frequency band used by Bluetooth is the ISM frequency band, that is, the frequency band for industry, scientific research and medical use. It is a universal and unlicensed frequency band; it can transmit data and voice in real time; it adopts advanced frequency modulation and error correction. Encoding technology, Bluetooth has good anti-interference ability, and more reliable communication can be carried out between Bluetooth-equipped devices. In addition, Bluetooth has strong portability and can be used in a variety of communication occasions, such as WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), GSM (Global Mobile Communications), etc. It can realize roaming flexibly after identification, and its security is also good. Bluetooth devices have low power consumption, are easy to implement, easy to promote, and have little harm to the human body.

Bluetooth is mainly used on which devices

Judging from the current development situation, Bluetooth technology has applications in mobile phones, headsets, PDAs (that is, personal digital assistants or handheld computers), digital cameras, and digital video cameras. Due to the high penetration rate of mobile phones, Bluetooth mobile phones have become the main application of Bluetooth technology.

After a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone is paired with a small Bluetooth headset, you can put the phone in your pocket for hands-free calls. In this way, in the cold wind, when driving, when the hands are busy, you can easily answer the phone, and it can also avoid mobile phone radiation.

Bluetooth mobile phones can be easily connected to the computer to realize file transfer. In addition to pictures, ringtones and Java games, general documents can also be transferred to the bluetooth mobile phone, so that the bluetooth mobile phone can be used as a USB flash drive. Bluetooth mobile phones can be wirelessly connected to laptop computers within a certain range, making laptop wireless Internet access a reality.

Two users who also have Bluetooth mobile phones can also exchange business cards, phone calls and mobile phone ringtones, or play online games wirelessly. Coupled with a series of matching Bluetooth helmets, Bluetooth glasses, Bluetooth jackets, etc., the wireless charm of Bluetooth allows you to enjoy a stylish life.

In fact, Bluetooth can also be used in many fields such as wireless devices, image processing equipment, security products, consumer entertainment, automotive products, and household appliances. With the continuous maturity of Bluetooth technology, various Bluetooth products will deepen people's lives, change people's way of life and work, and greatly improve people's quality of life.

The Bluetooth adapter has a built-in antenna and does not require a USB connection. It is convenient to use and carry, and realize wireless file transfer, video and audio, wireless printing, wireless networking and other functions; wirelessly connect devices with Bluetooth technology (such as computers/PDAs/mobile phones/printers/ Wireless gamepads, etc.); support VoIP services for voice calls over the Internet, and can seamlessly connect to Skype software used for instant communication over Internet calls.

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